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Muppet Christ Superstar- by fan Christo Graham

I was surprised to find Muppet fan Christo Graham from Lennoxville, Québec produced a Muppet musical based on the Broadway hit Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m pretty certain Christo hasn’t gotten the proper permission from Disney, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber to release this for sale to the public…so I recommend downloading it before the Cease and Desists arrive. LOL

I have given it a listen and it is pretty good from a character impression standpoint. You can give it a listen for free or download it for a donation HERE.

RIP Otto Petersen

Otto Petersen was the comedian behind the x-rated ventriloquist act Otto & George. Otto died while taking a nap this past Sunday at age 53. No cause of death has been given.

Otto and George were regular guests on the Opie and Anthony Show.
Otto and George Head shot paper

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