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Punch and Brodie- Puppets in Video
It’s Monday, and that time again!
W.P. Puppet Theatre Posting
Puppet Videos- for reference, or just plain FUN!
Puppet Port- Starting a puppet business article
Sew what about stitching.
How do I become a Muppeteer?
Fiction a reflection of truth?
The Jim Henson Foundation Website

Punch and Brodie- Puppets in Video

The following link goes through the process of puppeteering on camera, insightful and interesting.

They cover:

  • How our Video Puppets are Constructed
  • Performing with Video Puppets
  • The Voice of the Puppet
  • Puppet Scale
  • Directing Puppets
  • Hiding the Puppeteer
  • Blocking
  • How Puppets Sit
  • How Puppets Walk
  • How Puppets Manipulate Objects
  • Puppets and the Camera
  • Adding Realism with Sound Effects
  • Sustaining the Illusion

It’s Monday, and that time again!

Sorry for not posting the last coouple of days, my car was broken into Christmas eve…anyway, here are some cool websites that contain great puppet videos. Sorry again, but will post more regularly now.

The Cabaret Decadanse in Montreal Quebec:

Video segments of various news items, this site has a interview of Heather Henson (daughter of Jim). She brings light on some of the goings on of the Henson house, some of it I already read about, but nonetheless interesting- you’ll have to scroll to Heather Henson segment I believe the date is November 2nd:

A television series from the 1940s to the ’60s-Kukla, Fran and Ollie samples:

Puppet Greeting cards you can send friends and family:


Thanks goes out to W.P Puppet Theatre http://www.wppuppet.com/, they had this posted on their website…
A movie called STRINGS has opened Nationwide in the UK and Ireland on May 27, 2005. On their website it goes through the storyline, contains a trailer, and production stills. A cool movie, I wonder why it was never presented here in North America. If anyone knows let me know via email. Thanks

W.P. Puppet Theatre Posting

Puppet Power 2007 – Puppets as Agents for Social Change Call for Proposals
WP Puppet Theatre Society, Calgary, Alberta, Canada presents a two day conference “Puppet Power 2007 – Puppets as Agents for Social Change” in spring 2007. We are currently looking for workshop proposals that address: current puppet usage in political and social etc. activism, puppetry’s existing and potential role in peace, health, religious, environmental and school education programs, how puppets can be used for community and organizational transformation and other similar themes. Please see our website after Jan 4th http://www.wppuppet.com/ for the complete call for proposals. Send proposals to wppuppet@telus.net.

Puppet Videos- for reference, or just plain FUN!

Here’s a listing of funny and interesting online videos depicting puppets at work! Notice the street puppets when they are interviewing, the person to whom they are talking to look at the puppet even though the puppeteer is standing there to (off camera).
Enjoy hours…okay maybe one hour of FUN!

Muppet Mahna Mahna: Original Video

Hot in here puppet video

Royal Opera House Pinocchio Video

Clarence the Puppet hits Harlem Video

Triumph the Insulting Dog Star Wars Nerds

Haridimos Karaghiozi Shadow Theater- scroll to the bottom of the webpage and choose show

UK Puppets Site- List of online videos, it goes by country! Really long!

Sew what about stitching.

The following is a sewing book which contains information on stitches and sewing. I’ve spent hours talking to professional stitchers to figure out the best stitch to hide a seam. Most answers I get is that it depends on how tight your stitch is and whether it is by hand or by machine. If anyone wants to know the “Henson stitch”, good luck! Those that know the seam don’t really want to give out that information. Which is alright considering it acts as a sort of passage to some degree, for those just starting. All my studies have directed me towards a sort of baseball stitch, which done BY HAND, and using proper thick fabric can act as a hidden stitch. Fur fabric is better because you can pull out the fur from the stitch to hide it better. The stitch can sometimes be seen in person, but on television it is almost non visible.
Some say that the “Henson Stitch” is a fable, a con of sorts. I disagree. Considering that most people that I chatted with and that I read prove it exists. I recommend just sitting down, with a glass of wine, and explore various stitches to finding out what techniques work and what doesn’t.
Remember, about 99% of audiences won’t notice a puppet with a seam down the centre of his face. But will remember a stinky performance or bad script writing.

but if you do know the “Henson Stitch” feel free to me know 🙂 lol

The basic (beginner’s) sewing book is found here:

How do I become a Muppeteer?

On the Muppet Central website there are all things Muppets, one question everyone says to me is “Hey, why don’t you apply for the Muppets?” I pause, think, then don’t answer…I’m joking. I usually tell them I need more practice and (I feel) have not busted my chops long or hard enough to venture into the Muppets.
Anyway, on Muppet Central they answer tons of questions concerning not only how to become a Muppeteer but can be a real network/resource if you are just starting or have been a puppeteer for awhile.


Fiction a reflection of truth?

The following is a link to a Onion news article, the story is stickly not true; but is it? You’ll find this small piece of fiction has some truth to its writing- although extreme, it is even funnier when you have had experiences “sort of” like the one depicted. ENJOY!


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