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Puppeteers Unite! Mission
To foster relationships, support, and to empower present and future puppeteers by providing and promoting information detailing puppet performances, building techniques, and positive business practices.

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About the Contributor: Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart has worked in the film and video industry for 16 years. When not on film sets, he followed his childhood dream of  becoming a puppeteer by volunteering with various puppet troupes in Ontario, Canada. Learning what he could about puppet construction, performance and the business.

In 2005, Tom started his own part-time puppet building company called “The Creature Works” and is actively developing his own puppet building techniques and style. Tom is also a contributor to Puppet Buzz, and a member of the Ontario Puppetry Association.

If you are interested in a custom made puppet, or have any questions please contact Tom at tom@thecreatureworks.ca

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