Here are Puppeteers Unite! talented contributors!  I have partnered with the brightest people in the industry to continue to grow and expand Puppeteers Unite!  The following contributors have dedicated their lives to puppetry and have a body of work that I am very envious of. Here they are…

1503934_10152273290434469_480214292_nDallin Blankenship is an Alabama native and computer animator. several years he took a job at a local Library as a storyteller he found that the stories he wanted to share were frequently missing one or more puppet characters. Not one to give up so easily, Dallin began to make the characters himself. Soon after he interned at The Puppet School in Los Angeles. Now, he is in Utah at BYU, finishing up a degree in computer animation.


11218848_10152798046240598_4159991951700629578_nDan Cook is an interdisciplinary artist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His creative practice embraces a variety of different forms including painting, music, graphic design, animation, and most recently puppet-design/fabrication. In 2012 he founded Fuzzhead Puppets, a company whose focus is on creating unique characters, high-quality puppets, and engaging performances. In addition to his work as a puppet-builder, he also performs as a puppeteer with several local puppet companies.

11270527_10205657533250429_294335549325487876_oDavid Manley is a New York based puppeteer who tours nationally with his puppet company Up In Arms. Weaned on Sesame Street since the age of 2 and a staunch Muppet fan, David rediscovered his childhood passion for puppetry late in life, making puppetry his career. Up In Arms’ anti-bullying puppet musical “Helping Drew” has been seen by thousands of students while the company continues to grow with its catalogue of theatrical and educational puppet shows.

CapturePam Groom is based in Grand Rapids, MI. and produces professional quality puppets for television, video and live performance. She has been building since she was a teen and has been taught by some of the industries top builders like Pasha Romanowski, BJ Guyer and David Pannabecker.


Troy Picou is an artist living in Grand Rapids MI. With a love for all things art he has worked in many different art mediums enjoying the challenge each one brings. He has been building puppets for the past 20 years. From carved foam to patterned foam to latex and many other different building materials, he has enjoyed experimenting and bringing them to life. Excited about the creative journey, his goal is pass on the the knowledge he has learned and inspire others join in.

CapturetomTom Stewart has worked in the film and video industry for 19 years. When not on film sets, he followed his childhood dream of  becoming a puppeteer by volunteering with various puppet troupes and taking a variety of courses in Ontario, Canada. Learning what he could about puppet construction, performance and the business. In 2005, Tom started his own part-time puppet building company called “The Creature Works” and is actively developing his own puppet building techniques and style.  Tom is also the founding member of Puppeteers Unite!


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