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Puppet Patterns

Bible Puppet Pattern
Free Patterns!
Play Soup Patterns
Project Puppet
Puppet Patterns


Bob’s Foam Factory
eFoam Store
Lux Foam at USA Foam
Poly Foam at USA Foam
Scott Foam at USA Foam
Stanley Razor Blades Canada


528 Contact Cement
BARGE Contact Cement
Amazon- BARGE Contact Cement
DAP Weldwood Contact Cement
B&H Gaffer Tape NY
Gaffer Tape-Toronto
Mini Flock Sprayer
Suede Tex Flock


Antron Fleece Distributor 1
Antron Fleece Distributor 2
Antron Fleece Distributor 3
Beginning Sewing
Distinctive Fabric
Fashion Fabrics Club
I’m Stuffed Fur
Ladder Stitch
Mendels Fur
Osgood Textile


Dye Pro Mascot Services
Rit Dye Recipes


Puppet Pie Shop
Blinking Eye Mech1
Blinking Eye Mech2
Panduro Hobby
Dolls So Real
G. Schoepfer Inc
Self Adhesive Velvet
Making your own Taxidermy eyes
Mini World Eyes
Suncatcher Craft Eyes
Van Dykes Taxidermy Eyes


Cloth Doll Supply
Mini World

Feathers and Boa’s

American Plume
Tony Hill


Doll Joints Canada
Puppets Inc.
Swazzle’s Arm Rod Tutorial
Plasti Dip Canada

Mouth Plates

Gasket Rubber Canada
Leather, Suede, Skins, Inc.


Magic Sculpt
Sculpture Supply Canada

Puppet Stands

Sign Trade Stand

How To Videos

Dr Puppet Video Tutorial
Noreen Young How to DVD
Paul Lewis Video
Play Soup
Stiqpuppets Blogtv

How To Books/Tutorials

Big Bad Wolf Fursuit
Clothes Puppet Patterns
Clothes Puppet Patterns 2
Experience Puppets
Foam Latex Puppet Making 101
How to make your own puppet
The Foam Book
The Fursuit Ring
Pics of Jabba the Hutt
Making Lifelike Marionettes
The Making of Yoda
Monster Makers
Nick Barone Puppets
Nicodemus Fursuit Pages
Project Puppet Tutorials
The Puppeteers’ Coop

Misc. Materials

Beary Cheap
Build A Bear
CR’s Crafts
Dallas Puppet Theatre
Joann Fabric and Craft
McMaster-Carr Products
One Way Street
Green Screen Suits
Open Door Designs
Puppet Training and Ministry Blog
PVC Puppet Stand
Teacher Puppet Resource

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