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How BB-8 Works!
Stan Winston Studios Demo Reel of Rod Puppetry
Beyond The Sock 2015
Change is Here!!
Changes are Happening!

How BB-8 Works!

When the BB-8 droid first appeared in the first teaser Star Wars VII- Force Awakens trailer many believed it was a digital character. We were all surprised and relieved to find he was a practical character. Check out how BB-8 works by CLICKING HERE! You’ll be amazed!

Change is Here!!

support-shadowPuppeteers Unite! is proud to announce that we have added 5 NEW Contributors to the Puppeteers Unite! blog!

I personally have gone through some serious life changing events these past three years and (as you probably have noticed) have found it harder and harder to post on the blog. Additional people to contribute to the blog should have been done on day one…the blog is called Puppeteers Unite! 🙂 We hope that adding new faces to Puppeteers Unite! it will provide more diverse content postings as well as a continued stream of information.

Please feel free to visit our ‘Contributors’ page to find out who the mystery  Contributors are!

Thank you for your continued support and please come back daily!

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