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RIP Julie Harris
Terry Angus and Jim Henson
Muppet Christ Superstar- by fan Christo Graham
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RIP Julie Harris

Costume designer Julie Harris was the creative mind behind clothing for characters such as James Bond, Mr Chips, the Beatles and the Muppets in The Great Muppet Caper in 1981. She died on Saturday at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital after a chest infection at the age of 94.

THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER, Miss Piggy, 1981, (c) Universal




Terry Angus and Jim Henson

Terry Angus recently posted a video I’ve never seen before.

In 1989 both Terry and Jim Henson made an appearance on a show called “From The Heart: International Very Special Arts” It showcased people who had different disabilities that had very special talents. The opening of the show has Jim Henson come out and talk about Terry Angus; the video also has an amazing performance.

Sadly, this was the last Terry had with Jim…
“Little did I know this would be the last time that I would see Jim ever again. We will always miss you Jim and love you.” Terry Angus

Anyone who has had the pleasure of talking to Terry on-line or in person can tell you he is a fantastic person, a really contributor to the art of puppetry, always providing help when asked and someone who I look up to personally. Awesome performance and I’m glad camera’s were rolling to capture the moment.

You can see Terry’s work on his website at:

Muppet Christ Superstar- by fan Christo Graham

I was surprised to find Muppet fan Christo Graham from Lennoxville, Québec produced a Muppet musical based on the Broadway hit Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m pretty certain Christo hasn’t gotten the proper permission from Disney, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber to release this for sale to the public…so I recommend downloading it before the Cease and Desists arrive. LOL

I have given it a listen and it is pretty good from a character impression standpoint. You can give it a listen for free or download it for a donation HERE.

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