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Free Pattern!
Sorry, will be back soon!
A new shirt on Zazzle!
Another puppet!
Another Puppet
A Puppet Builders Shirt
I need to practice…
New Puppet!
Puppeteer Swag
New Puppeteer T-Shirts!

Free Pattern!

Alrighty then! I’ve been asked time, and time again for the pattern I posted on The Muppet Central Forum last March. I’ve see some of the really amazing things that came from it and thought that it would be great to now provide the fabric pattern to go along with it- It is now complete!

These are free!- If you feel guilty using them 🙂 please feel free to make a donation to one of these:  Center for Puppetry Arts, Muppetcast, or Camp Trillium.

All that I request is that you please give me credit (Tom Stewart,  at if using them as a teaching tool, or for publishing purposes. 

These are crude drawings, I apologize, they were never meant to be published in anyway to the public. Enjoy! 

Sorry, will be back soon!

pictures-137.jpgSorry for not posting in about a month, but I have been busy with the Day Camp, and also wanted to take some time off from all this technology 🙂 I’m so excited for tomorrow! I’ll be checking out Mike Harding  from Applefun! He will be performing at my Day Camp…I think I’ll enjoy it as much as my campers 🙂

I will resume posts August 1, 2007

Love you all and hope to “see” you then.


Another puppet!

I completed this monkey on a special order, and when I went to deliver it to the person, here in Hamilton, I found that it was a person whom I known as a kid. It was great to see his child hugging and playing with a puppet I made. The puppet is a very cute monkey, and the colour of the fur was amazing- its a orange/pink blend. I had a problem at first sewing the fur through the sewing machine because the pile was so thick. With a couple of harsh words and threats the machine was able to do the job. 🙂

Another Puppet

As if I’m not busy enough! Today I took some “time off” building puppets to…build a puppet 🙂 using the Project Puppet Pattern called the “Pinhead Puppet Pattern” I have yet to complete the body and arms, but I think I’ll do them later on this week as I’m all Puppet out! Whew!

I need to practice…

After sitting side by side this past weekend with a master puppeteer-it made me realize that I need to start practicing again. I puppeteer once and a while now, and definitely found out that I am really, really stinky :-)  I recommend Amy Hardings website called Amy has posted some more training videos which include: Rub tummy and pat head, and (for the Rock n’ Roller in you) a little Air Guitar!

New Puppet!

I made this cute puppet. I really don’t know what type of “creature” he is, but I think he looks pretty cool. I love long weekends, it gives me the opportunity to build more. Let me know what you all think.

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